Supernatural  Secrets

Book One of the Payton Adams Fantasy Series

Supernatural beings aren’t real. There are no elemental witches left.   

That’s what Payton believes until she finds herself alone and uncertain of her future. Her late mother’s lawyer gives her a mysterious letter that reveals family secrets and hints at a hidden destiny.

Wanting answers and a fresh start, Payton travels to the mysterious town of Sylvan Falls, Canada. Where she quickly realizes her complicated family tree has dangerous connections.

Trying to find her place among her own kind, her life takes a turn when she finds herself tackling vengeful spirits. Then secrets begin to unfold, taking her down a dangerous path.

After discovering an organization called The Paranormal & Supernatural Agency, she thinks maybe she has found her destiny and something that suits her skills?

But is The Agency what it appears to be?

Or is it hiding its own secrets? Is Payton strong enough to handle her new life in a supernatural community?

Magical Mayhem

Book Two of the Payton Adams Fantasy Series

Payton is forever changed.

Dealing with the incredible transformation inside her, Payton joins the world again to find that things are not so peaceful in Sylvan Falls anymore.

The danger her mother warned her about becomes very real when she is given her first case and learns more about her enemies.

A mysterious portal adds to the chaos, unleashing something ancient.

Payton and her new partner investigate a rash of murders, only to discover a connection to a timeless evil that threatens to overwhelm the town.

Payton’s challenges only worsen when she learns that someone wants her and will stop at nothing to have her.

Will Payton be able to solve the murders and locate the master?

What happens when she is forced to do the very things she is dead set against?

Are Payton’s new abilities enough to stop the Magical Mayhem in Sylvan Falls?

Immortal Choices

Book Three of the Payton Adams Fantasy Series


Can Payton save Sylvan Falls from further destruction?  

To do so, her strength will be tested.

As new information comes to light, Payton is left reeling when she learns the truth about who she is and what that means.

Having a stalker is not her only worry. Things get a lot worse with not only The Agency coming under threat but the entire town.

An enemy as old as time itself is revealed.

Facing down the Fallen Immortals, Payton realizes there is a real possibility of never seeing Sam or Joshua again.

Her courage is tested to its limits, with the threat of becoming a Fallen One looming over her.

Will Payton be forced to unleash her full power and take up an ancient magical weapon?

Will she sacrifice everything she is to save her friends and her town?